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Our Approach

We take a granular approach to the services we provide.  Sometimes developers and managers just need to ask questions and want specific answers – without having to recruit and engage specialty consultants for a project.  Many ‘consultants’ are actually contractors – preferring to work on a project for several weeks to several months.  Somewhere in between those two worlds is a tremendous gap – and a golden opportunity.  You can mix and match the services we provide to specifically suit your needs.  Schedule just an hour of time, request a project proposal, request personalized training.  We tailor every service we provide to make sure you are getting exactly the information you need when you need it.

Our Methodology

Our Expert is trained and practiced in several Project Management Methodologies, including GE’s PMM and Six Sigma.  Clear communication is the cornerstone of our methodology and our business.  If you engage our services for design or development, you will receive a clear and concise project plan, communication plan, and a list of deliverables.  You will also receive regular written status reports and updates.  We believe that building things and solving problems is of far greater value when it can be clearly understood long after we’re gone.  We’ll do it right and we’ll make it clear.

Our Expertise

Over 20 years of IT experience and over 15 years of deep Oracle EBS experience.  Our co-founder and principal developer had what she calls her first ‘professional epiphany’ while working as an EDI integration consultant for General Electric in 2003 where she pioneered an Oracle XML Gateway pilot project.  She has made this technology her primary area of focus and has since been in pivotal player in several large-scale XML Gateway implementations – including Team Lead for the US Marine Corp Global Combat Support System project in Quantico, VA.

We bring a rare combination of enthusiasm, expertise, and organization to each and every new project.  We do so with the client’s best interest in mind and continually strive to exceed expectations.