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Initial Phone Consultation

Your initial 45 minute consultation is free of charge.  We’ll use that time to answer any pressing questions you have, get you started, or help better define your needs and customize your support and service.

Price:  $ 0.00

On-Demand Phone Consultation

Ask the expert anything and everything you need to know about your project, the technology, best-practices, pitfalls.  Clear, concise and to the point.  You will have take-aways that you can put into action immediately.

Price:  $125.00 per hour

On-Demand WebShare

We can open up a webshare with you to help you get familiar with the Oracle Business Event System, XML Gateway, and other components.  We can also use this time to help you troubleshoot an issue or explain options.

Price: $150.00 per hour


We will work with you to provide targeted training that meets your needs and the scope of your current project.  Typically training is divided between an intial general overview of inbound and outbound XML Gatway mechanics and a second portion of hands-on examples.

General overview and hands-on examples.  4 Hours.  Can be split into two 2hour segments.

Price: $500.00