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User’s guides and OTN forums only go so far in answering questions and rarely solve problems.  Opening an SR is helpful if there’s a bug or you need to apply a patch.  But sometimes you just need a real person – an expert – to answer a question or explain a process.  Especially when you’re implementing XML Gateway transactions for the first time, there are a lot of dots to connect.  We provide on-demand answers to your questions as well as advice on implementing best-practices.

We are taking a new approach to specialty consulting.  You can pay as you go for services and deliverables – avoiding scope creep and inflated costs.  Sometimes a solution really only takes an hour, or four, or eight… not forty.  But when that’s then case, its very difficult to engage a contractor for a half-day’s technical work – and that’s where we come in.  Engage our consultant for an hour, submit an RFQ for a larger project, or anywhere in-between.

We’re glad you found us!